From the Airport to Recovery – A Participant experience

I arrived at this treatment facility a broken woman. I had become a stranger to myself and no longer possessed the capability of handling my drug addiction. I was disgusted and even frightened at times of the person I had become.

I was unsure of what to expect from a drug /alcohol rehabilitation program and was extremely apprehensive to the point of seriously considering turning myself around at the airport and booking a ticket back home. That was until a person sat down next to me on the bench just outside baggage claim. He may not have realized it, but it was he that convinced me to not turn tail and run. In that instant I felt a calming wave of relief wash over me.  So, thank you, sincerely from the bottom of my heart for just being the person that you are and helping me take my first steps towards my recovery. That was just the beginning of this life changing journey.

I arrived here (iRecover Palm Springs) and right away I was welcomed with open arms (literally A****) into this family. This acceptance helped quell my desire to retreat back into my own isolation. Sometimes you find yourself in the right place with the right people. That is where I found myself. Like every family, we have had our ups and downs. This family has grown and overcome so many thrown our way.  We have come from different walks of life, from all over this nation, yet we share a commonality, and unspoken understanding.

Even while struggling through my first few days here in detox, I felt that understanding and acceptance. Something I wasn’t exactly accustomed to. I have a deep appreciation and gratitude for the many tools I have acquired here and will be taking them all home with me tomorrow.

Everyone here at iRecover Palm Springs has contributed to my extremely full toolbox. Actually, no, my treasure chest….and this treasure chest will not be buried the woods.

I have been able to confront issues of my past head on and overcome a plethora of obstacles standing in my way. You ALL have helped bring back to life the person buried deep within. I feel a freedom I haven’t felt for many years. I am to continue working hard to keep the old me buried.

Lastly, I feel I was able to achieve a stronger, more unbreakable connection with my loving GOD. Without his grace and infinite love I am positive I would not be leaving here the renewed person I am.

Stay strong, trust in your GOD. He will lead you down your own path. You all already possess he will and the strength within yourselves, whether you realize it or not, to persevere. I love you all and will miss you immensely

Thank you

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