Exercise, the natural high.

Participants at iRecover Palm Springs in Cathedral City, California, are not only recovering psychologically, but also physically. The human body is capable of taking a lot of punishment in certain instances but it has its limitations. This is also one of the reasons why addiction can often be fatal. It stands to reason that exercise and being healthier in general is a good idea for those in recovery. There is also an added benefit that exercise brings to the table. Endorphins. When you exercise, your body releases its natural “feel good” chemical known as endorphins. The feeling you get is often described as a natural high. It makes you feel alive, energized and gives you a sense of well being. The biggest perk of all is that this is achieved without the use of mind altering substances.

With this in mind, participants and staff from iRecover Palm Springs, regularly go out for walks, hikes and other fun activities. Case in point, a hike up the the light cross near the treatment center. Participants get to enjoy the exercise and fresh air and have a bit of fun doing so. Treatment is not all about the emotional lows. It is also about the physical and psychological highs you can achieve without having to destroy yourself with drugs and alcohol

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