Graduation Day

Graduation Day at iRecover Palm Springs

Another group of participants has successfully graduated from iRecover Palm Springs. We are very proud of each of them and the hard work they have put in to make it through a unique and life changing experience. At iRecover Palm Springs, participants get to paint a rock during their final week of the program. This rock would serve as a symbol to the participant and their individualism is to be showcased by it. At their graduation the participant then lays the rock down in our addiction graveyard. Their rock would be a tombstone to their addiction. Each rock is different, yet with a common theme that our participants unite against and conquer.

Effectively they lay their addiction to rest after years of allowing it to run wild. It is by no means a tribute to the addiction but more a symbol of the participant’s new found freedom. They leave their addiction behind as they ready themselves for their new journey towards a clean, sober and happy life.

Congratulations graduates. We are proud to call you alumni.

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