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After 40 years of drinking I had what one might call a moment of clarity. I found my life in ruins & knew I needed help in a big way. There was no way I could quit drinking on my own. By chance I picked up the phone & searched for help, that’s how I found iRecover Palm Springs. When I arrived I was in pretty bad shape but after completing their  program I now have a new chance at a good life. I am back to work full time, have a nice car & many new friends. Seeing the world through sober eyes is amazing. I am now looking forward to many more wonderful years in sobriety. Only by using the tools given to me at iRecover Palm Springs has this been possible. The counselors & staff are great people who truly care & were able to get through to this old dog. Yes, we can in fact learn new tricks.. Thank you S.. For giving me my life back,I’ll never forget you..  Sincerely,M :-)

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