Medical Detox in Palm Springs

We thought it would be a good idea to talk about medical detox in Palm Springs today to dispel any myths and to perhaps answer some of the burning questions you may have. Medical detox is often confused with treatment and this is in no small part the case when you hear about the celebrity “two weeks” in rehab. Most likely, Mr or Mrs Celebrity only went through a medical detox. Even though medical detox is a very important part of getting clean and sober, it is only a part of it.

Many people that drink or use may form a physical dependency on alcohol or drugs. This means that your body physically believes it needs the drug. Should you neglect to give your body the drug it so desperately craves, it will retaliate by making you feel very ill. This is the main reason why detox is necessary. It would be very difficult to concentrate on healing your mind if your body is feeling ill. So in short, detox is there to minimize the impact withdrawal symptoms will have on someone that is trying to get clean and sober. Once the detox process is complete, the participant will be able to enter into treatment and start their journey to lasting change.

At iRecover Palm Springs, we have a mandatory minimum stay of 24 hours in detox. Some participants, depending on their physical condition will require a longer stay in the detox wing. The reason we have this requirement is for our expert nursing team to assess and evaluate the person’s physical health and readiness to enter into programming. We do not make exceptions to this rule even if someone has been clean for a period of time. As you can imagine, this is an issue of participant safety and we need to be 100% sure they are physically capable of getting the most out of treatment.

Depending on the severity of the participant’s withdrawal, they may require medication to assist them through the detox period. Should this be the case, we would liaise with our local doctors to assess and prescribe the required medication. This is usually a short term ( non-refillable) benzodiazepine prescription to help with the initial withdrawal symptoms. It is important to note that this is only a short term prescription as the detox medication can also become habit forming. So it is important that our team monitors the prescriptions and its use as per the doctor’s instructions.

Once the participant is cleared by our nursing team for treatment, they will move to programming where they will start working the steps, getting one to one counselling and perhaps engage in CBT treatment. This is where the participant gets to deal with the underlying reasons they use in the first place. We will talk about programming a bit more in our next blog.

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