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iRecover: Set ’em up and knock ’em down

Participants and staff at iRecover Serenity Ranch in Alberta had a great time this Saturday when they went bowling in Stettler. The staff at Heartland Bowl were great and everyone had a… View More of iRecover: Set ’em up and knock ’em down

iRecover: You got this!

The night before I came to Serenity Ranch I was admitted to the U of A hospital emergency room in Edmonton for an overdose.  The night it all began I decided to get drunk and high to erase the events of the day, having argued with my boyfriend hours before, I was filled to the brim with… View More of iRecover: You got this!

iRecover: Journey to the Summit

Recently Serenity on the Rock program facilitator, Ben Cox along with two participants, made the 7-hour trek to the summit of Gros Morne mountain. Gros Morne is the second highest peak on the island of Newfoundland, exceeded only by Lewis Hill. Often capped with clouds, or clothed in fog or… View More of iRecover: Journey to the Summit

iRecover: Gaining Altitude

Many people who decide to make big changes in their lives and even decide to go to treatment have the idea that if I quit my using or drinking, life will be grand. To a certain degree this is true, but not without sacrifice and hard work. Recovery is like most things in life worth doing. It… View More of iRecover: Gaining Altitude

iRecover : The Art of Recovery

iRecover Palm Springs has introduced a weekend art therapy class at our Palm Springs facility. Participants and staff enjoy this creative and expressive form of therapy and examples of the works are posted below. Many people in active addiction are unable to express themselves or… View More of iRecover : The Art of Recovery

iRecover @ Recovery Day

iRecover Serenity Ranch office manager, Patty Bothner and iRecover participants pitched in and volunteered this weekend at the first annual Red Deer Recovery Day held at City Hall Park. Attendees were there to spread the word of recovery, inspiration, and hope. The focus of Red Deer’s recovery… View More of iRecover @ Recovery Day

iRecover: iPad Evolved

As many of you know, is the first addiction treatment group to implement the current iPad technology to aid in the recovery of our participants. Currently, each participant that starts their journey at an iRecover treatment center receives an iPad to keep and use during and after… View More of iRecover: iPad Evolved

iRecover: Snow in Fall?

Alberta can sometimes be a weird and wonderful place. Just a few days ago we were all sporting shorts and T-shirts and today it is snowing. Just when you think you have a handle on what is going on, Alberta surprises you with a little bit of unpredictability. This got me thinking. This… View More of iRecover: Snow in Fall?

iRecover: TC’s Story

My name is TC and I am now a recovering alcoholic / drug addict all thanks to iRecover Palm Springs.  I have the utmost respect for that place, the staff and everybody I was in treatment with. I was in a really dark place before I arrived, but they were my light at the end of the tunnel. I… View More of iRecover: TC’s Story

iRecover: Cultivating good recovery habits

I just got out of treatment and learned all the tools I need to be successful in my recovery. I am cured right? Wrong. Too many people have this idea going into treatment and even in post-treatment recovery. This is a very dangerous way of looking at the situation. If you listened and learned… View More of iRecover: Cultivating good recovery habits

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