What should I bring to treatment?

  • Jacket/ Comfortable casual clothing/Weather appropriate
  • Gym shoes/ Workout clothes/ Socks/Underwear
  • Sleepwear (t-shirt, pajamas, housecoat, sweat pants, slippers)
  • Shampoo/Soap/Tooth Brush/Tooth Paste/Shaving Kit etc.
  • Water Bottle and Backpack
  • Over-the-counter medication or vitamins must be in original packaging
  • Spending money for coffee, meetings, snack food, any prescriptions, etc.
  • Laundry facilities provided
  • Health Care Card & Photo ID
  • Pens and paper, stamps, envelopes, (Email or Internet access is not provided)
  • Alarm Clock if possible

What should I NOT to bring to treatment?

  • T-Shirts with offensive slogans or that promote alcohol or drugs
  • Mouthwash, after-shave or items that contain alcohol
  • Cell phones and portable computing devices, ie: laptop
  • Inappropriate Recreational reading material
  • Protein powders or workout supplements

Please note: All prescription medication must be in a blister pack prepared by a pharmacist. Medication information from the pharmacy must accompany all prescriptions!

Do I have a drinking problem?

Take the online CAGE assessment HERE

Do I have a drug problem?

Take the online DAST assessment HERE

What is the waiting times to access treatment?

We are happy to report we currently have no waiting list and treatment is available immediately for those in need.

Do I need to buy a tablet computer?

No, an iRecover tablet computer will be supplied to you when you commence your program. This tablet computer becomes your property and you will take it home with you to use in the future.

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